Wisdom Agriculture "Flying into" Sichuan Plateau

Wisdom Agriculture "Flying into" Sichuan Plateau

  A warm lard chrysanthemum tea in summer, drinking, don’t feel hot, but go back. Such a snow chrysanthemum tea is the new "net red" product in Baiyu County.

  Bai Yuxian is located in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and the traffic in Bai Yumu County, the economy is behind. In order to solve the difficulties of local investment promotion, there is no puzzle of local leading enterprises. In June 2018, the state-owned independence Baiyu County agriculture company was established. In the past three years, the direct and indirectly drive 6 township 1059 farmers’ income.

  Rural revitalization opens the journey, Baiyu County agriculture also puts on the "new clothes" of the wisdom: through the Internet of Things technology, real-time environmental data collection, automatic water fertilizer control, remote mobile terminal 24-hour monitoring production link; set up more than 70 small agricultural machinery Agricultural Machinery Service Team provides agricultural machinery services for local cooperatives and large farmers; promotes new agricultural technologies such as silver gray film and water-saving irrigation.

  "The construction of rural revitalization demonstration parks will be completed in October this year.

At that time, white jade agricultural products are directly exported abroad, and the amount will be doubled, and the added value is getting higher and higher.

Li Weidong, the person in charge of Baiyu County Agricultural Development Company, said. (Wu Xiao, Zhang Yifan).