Yizhuang start 31 urban renewal projects

Yizhuang start 31 urban renewal projects

Use of land resources, industrial projects can transition Yizhuang Industrial Park started 31 urban renewal projects through the open area a number of inefficient and idle industrial land will gradually make an inventory, innovation ability, high market share, master the core technology, superior quality and efficiency of new special expertise "little giant" enterprise resource to free up space.

  Reporter yesterday learned from the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, through the open area to allow industrial restructuring project for the industrial park, to promote a government purchasing and storage, and other ways to carry out urban renewal repurchase industrial upgrading. Up to now, there have been a total of more than 70 projects of intent, the first batch of 31 projects for approval to enter the implementation phase of the batch. Is expected to the first five years, 31 projects to achieve overall compliance after tax over 50 billion yuan, per square kilometer tax income 2 billion yuan.

  Industrial space upstairs to 8 Garden Street Economic Development Zone is located in the heart of the sky, by 2015, there is a metallurgical equipment production base, covers an area of hectares, but only the construction area square meters, volume was only.

  2019, through the open area when urban renewal platform by the company to repurchase the land, the original project was discontinued five years. Turning point occurred in March of this year, issued through the open area "urban renewal on a number of measures of industrial upgrading (Trial)", to allow industrial restructuring project for the industrial park.

  According to the plan, after the removal of the old project, will be built "sky of the territory and Industrial Plaza" to create focus on medical devices, smart international industrial park green intelligent manufacturing field.

Park construction area will be increased from square meters to square meters, calculated in accordance with the general average volume rate of industrial land, which is equivalent to a project "out of thin air" create hectares of land. Shortage of land resources has been troubled by the open area of development problems, the ground is not enough space to be able to sky? "Not simply increasing the height of the building to the sky to space, but to improve the degree of floor load, so that two or more layers workshop and a layer of the same firm, the equivalent of land to build a multi-layer, so that industrial upstairs.

"Economic Development Zone officials said." We will also set up a business for the vertical transportation unit in the new park every three to achieve people, vehicles and goods independent branches, efficient operation. "Economic Development Zone urban renewal platform company responsible person. The project will be completed and put into use in 2023, initially expected by 2025, the output value of over 800 million yuan.

Not only that, through the open area will be the "sky of the territory and Industrial Plaza" project as the core, by way of urban renewal, leading the way into an international industry Yongchang Avenue.

  Supports the introduction of advanced operations team Liangshuihe a 7th Street homes due to land disputes into long-term debt to zero output after the transition foreclosure international biomedical park by urban renewal policy, put into production in 2025 is expected to pay taxes over 400 million yuan.

  There are similar experiences Fairview Titan project is located in the Economic Development Zone new expansion area of Taiwan Lake area, is the former Beijing in glass-lined products and non-ceramic product design and manufacturing of old industrial projects, the relocation of former industrial land vacant after coming out to the field.

Since the original project parties do not have the capability of independent industrial upgrading, the introduction of Beijing’s large state-owned company responsible for operations, responsible for transformation and upgrading of its two companies, the new network security cloud services platform.

   "As long as companies want to do, we will offer channels.

Have the ability to be yourself, you can not afford to invite an expert to dry. "Economic Development Zone, responsible person, through the open area also supports the project parties to introduce advanced management team into the area operate together.

  To solve the financial problems of the project side, through the open area in the early stages of development and urban renewal policies on the region several big banks to study the financial support policy program, launched matching monetary policy.

For transition approved for the industrial park project, Economic Development Zone will implement an annual assessment system, passing the examination of available incentives. Urban renewal achieve industrial upgrading Khanh 10th Street was originally a flexible packaging printing base, covers an area of less than 1 hectare plot ratio, two years ago, has been shut down.

  According to the latest plan, there will be open walls to create multi-level open neighborhood, shared green space and urban landscape, shaping the open sharing, pleasant vitality park space. While fully tap the value of underground space in the park, a reasonable expansion of industrial land boundary function, additional regional infrastructure, improve the urban functions.

  According to reports, after the removal of the original project, the new "STARNET Health Intelligence Valley" project will reach a total area of above and below ground square meters, the main function of the space pilot production, research and development test and support space, will attract large biotechnology and health industry the flagship enterprises have settled down, the pilot R & D and industrialization.

Preliminary estimates, in 2024 the project can be realized value of nearly 400 million yuan. Urban renewal project will make full use of existing resources to optimize and upgrade the industrial space. Rough estimates, the first batch of 31 urban renewal projects can achieve overall compliance after tax over 50 billion yuan, the average tax of about 36 million yuan / hectare, per square kilometer tax will increase $ 2 billion. (Cao Zheng).