Wang Guanghui: Promote the development of talents and coordination, together

Wang Guanghui: Promote the development of talents and coordination, together

  This issue of Theory academic dynamic guide focuses on talent training, Chinese medicine, people’s first, thinking education, peasant main role, etc., Welcome netizens participate in discussions.

  [Wang Guanghui: Promote the coordinated development of talents, collaborative sharing] Zhu Guanghui, deputy research staff of the Science and Technology Strategic Advisory Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Guanghui, deputy director of the Talents Research Center, pointed out that the country’s development rely on talents, and the national revitalization rely on talents.

Under the new situation, the primary task of promoting regional coordination development is to promote the coordinated development of talents, collaborate sharing, and promote the formation of gradients and the comparative advantages of their respective regions.

Relying on the construction of high-level talents in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Macau Dawan District, in terms of talent training, relying on the rich science and education resources advantage, play its demonstration leading effect in talent training; in terms of talent introduction, combined with international technology Innovation center construction, increasing the introduction of major national or regional strategic scientists, science and technology leaders and young science and technology talents; in terms of talent use, the construction of high-level talent highlands is an opportunity to play its high-end talents.

In addition, relying on some high-level talents centralized central city’s talent team building, fully exert its platform agglomeration effect in the geese pattern.

In the strategic layout of the Strong National Geese Pattern Pattern, the high-level talent exchange, docking platform, highlights its support for regional economic and social development. In addition, relying on the construction of different types, different levels of urban talents development strategic fulcrums, give full play to their node support effects in the geese pattern.

For a first-tier city, focus on the top, high-end, strategic scientific and technological talents and team building; for the second, third-tier cities, focus on leading, professional, specialty scientific and technological talents and team building; for four-wire and the following cities, focus on craftsmen Quality Workers and Skills Talents as the main attack direction of talent team.

  Since 摘 自 自 【独 独 体 体 体 体 体 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 委 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示One of the points, you should give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and play a more active role.

First, it is highlighting the clinical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, establishing a high-efficiency major epidemic prevention and treatment of China and Western Medicine, building a national public health emergency management system with Chinese characteristics, and strong Chinese and Western medicine. The second is to play the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese and Western medicine, etc.

Third, heritage and cultural advantages of Chinese medicine, the essence of classical medical works to sort out and dig, cultivate cultural self-confidence, humanities, Chinese culture heritage of the leading talents of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to achieve creative transformation of culture, innovation and development.

Fourth, insist the advantages of Chinese medicine in preventing and establish a large health, great concept of health, Chinese medicine to full participation in the life cycle of health and health services, improve the health and medical and health service system-wide lifecycle.

Fifth, pay attention to the ecological advantages of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine establish standardized base and traditional Chinese medicine resources, protected areas, improve the system of protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources and measures to promote the rational development and utilization of ecological resources of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sixth, dig in the pharmaceutical industry advantage, collaborative development effort in the service mode, industrial development, quality supervision, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine and the industrialization of the industry, an important role in the pharmaceutical industry in economic restructuring and upgrading of play.

  Adapted from [Zheng Shipeng: insist on the supremacy of the people should benefit from the new journey of struggle the people] Beijing Jiaotong University School of Marxism associate professor, vice president Zheng Shipeng noted that in the second century went Ningxinjuli goal of the exam on the road, we must adhere people first, continue to benefit the people in the new struggle. To respect and safeguard the people’s fundamental position as the dominant position of the basic principles of the Party led the people to work, to the people as the greatest emboldened the ruling party, seen as the biggest political support of the people; to fully mobilize and inspire creative spirit of the masses, constantly people build a strong foundation for the work of the Party, the people of the truth of history will fully demonstrate the creators of a new era for the party led by the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics; to a people-strong backing force to break obstacles, to cope with risks, engaged challenge, Take Measures to improve people’s livelihood, so that the people yearning for a better life and to respond effectively to meet. Adapted from [Cao Hongtao: mining resources Party, speak good ideological and political theory courses] Research Center of socialism with Chinese characteristics researcher at Northeastern University Cao Hongtao think, ideological and political course teachers should apply to mining resources History History as a compulsory learning education class, effectively the best textbook party’s ideological and political history of this lesson to learn, with good, speak good. Learn the history of the party, the core is to enhance the ability of theoretical thinking, ideals and faith and strengthen mission to play. To Party from small to large and from weak to strong, glorious history from victory to victory, in close connection with the history of Chinese Marxism; To generations of Chinese Communists faith flag, adhere to the ideals and beliefs history of the people to serve the country into action, the party firm ideals and beliefs combine; follow the call of the times you want to party, to lead the Chinese people to overcome internal and external enemies, the establishment of new China, the socialist revolution and construction history, the party is committed to serving the people closely purpose.

In addition, with the party’s history, lies in the party’s internal law mining history contains red resources and practical wisdom. Party with the inherent law of good, profound clarity Party led the Chinese people in revolution, construction and reform of history; the party’s resources with red, red genetic heritage of the party, the party’s spiritual renewal Geng blood, the courage to do new era; with the party’s practical wisdom and experience to grasp the historical trend of Marxist analysis, properly handle all kinds of complex relationships, learn to grasp the ideas and resources with practical wisdom and a good variety of historic opportunity. In addition, about the party’s history, the key lies in the party’s ideological and political course of history into the teaching, and respond to student concerns and enrich teaching methods.

History will be integrated into teaching to enhance students’ historical thinking, leading the students to understand the Party’s theory, line, principles and policies, to create a student garden volunteer service, research practice in the workplace, cultural propaganda positions; History education to respond to student concerns the Party speaking live, speak vivid, so learning to become Party to dispel misunderstanding, temper of mind, thinking of sublimation carrier.

  [Adapted from far Yan Feng: increase their ability to play the main role of] Chinese People’s University School of Marxism far Yan Feng believes that the Communist Party of China has always attached great importance to rural issues, it is the people’s livelihood as a fundamental problem. In rural revitalization strategy implementation process, we should focus on research and comprehensive understanding of how to efficiently play the main role of farmers, as well as how to increase their ability to play the main role. Farmers play the main role of the premise is to establish a long-term integration of urban and rural development mechanism. Rural revitalization of urban and rural integration is inseparable from the establishment of long-term development mechanism, from the micro-level rural collective economy, home business and other projects associated with the long-term farming between farmers with farming, build and benefit farmers benefit-sharing mechanisms, improve, monitoring and enforcement; from the meso level is to enhance the quality of economic development level of the county, and vigorously promote the construction of network facilities, logistics, transportation, digital information such as rural infrastructure; the macro level is the national co-ordination from the east and west, between urban and rural areas, industrial and agricultural resource elements, constantly improve and perfect the revitalization of rural policy system, work system and institutional system.

In addition, farmers play a key role in the body is to understand the core needs of farmers.

Statistics show that the core needs of rural residents is of interest in terms of land, rich life, convenient transportation, grassroots democracy, culture, education, environment, modern agricultural technology, which requires the revitalization of rural still increase over a longer period of time hardware and software environment for building large rural regions, and maintain policy stability and sustained levels of financial investment in rural public utilities. In addition, farmers play a main role lies in the cultivation of high-quality farmers.

To really activate the power of grassroots self-government, to fully tap the traditional farmers and stimulate staying villages, farmers have the business sense of high-quality, rustic cultural heritage "Xian" and the value of different population groups in rural areas; To build a government-led, social participation with the public nature-based, high-quality education and training of farmers, supplemented by the nature of the market mechanism, improving the scientific literacy of farmers groups, professional skills, management ability, organizational skills, comprehensive literacy, and culture of traditional agriculture, science and technology, health support, education the depth of new industries, tourism, science and other research integration and development. Adapted from (Bright Web Reporter Zhao finishing).