Yunnan Yuming: Expand the "Friends Circle" to improve the point

Yunnan Yuming: Expand the "Friends Circle" to improve the point

A national level, two provincial parks, experienced dozens of development, gathered more than 2,400 non-public enterprises, contributing more than 60% of the economic volume in Yuming County.

In the face of non-public enterprises that face "large amounts, type", how to promote the mobilization of party construction and enterprises, transform the system advantage into governance, and Yuming County has its own "secret".

Embedding with endogenous, leading and integrating, collaborative and integration, improper "vase", do not do "furnishings".

Yuming is based on the development characteristics of the park, leading to the high-quality development of non-public enterprises, and continues to expand the party building "friends circle", gradually forming Yang Linjing District Industrial Alliance, the vocational education new city school is joint construction, the provincial flower park demonstration leads the help Party Construction New Pattern.

"Red Engine" is the same as January 29, last year, in Yanglin Economic Development Zone, a long-time production line that is a convenient food company is still running again.

This is the first completion of the company after the epidemic, although the formal completion of the company is still 23 hours, but the "red engine" of the company’s party organization has already been opened.

"Please organize peace of mind, guarantee the completion of the task!" Wang Wei, secretary of the Party Branch of a convenient food company, after receiving the telephone notice of the staff of the park’s epidemic prevention emergency headquarters.

In order to ensure the smooth reproduction of the manufacturing plant, the province’s people’s livelihood materials are guaranteed, and four party members who lead the company ‘s department’s process group form a party member commando, the first time. Subsequently, 16 party members of the branch became the "rushing front" of the completion of production. Employee health statistics, workshop environment disinfection, real-time epidemic and policies … Party members’ sense of responsibility and pioneering role are playing at this moment. During the period of prevention and control, Yanglin was opened by the non-public party committee of Yanglin to guide 56 enterprises to set up party pioneering models, built the fortress at the forefront, so that the party flag fluttering in the epidemic prevention. "In the future, perhaps people will forget this epidemic, but will not forget, to the heart of self-rescue, ‘two new’ party organizations, and the inspiration brought by the predicament." The person in charge of the party committee of the park .

As a member of the first batch of food and medicine beverage industry established by Yanglin, the capacity and sales of a convenient food company did not increase in the epidemic period, and the miracle of the growth of the growth. "We turn lead through industry alliance to organize party construction activities, exchange experience, share resources, and" praise ".

"Wang Wei said that under the leadership of the party, the industry and the party flag red, the road is positive, the cause, attracting the development of the company’s owners.

"The Major Mode" promotes harmony "Building school, Jiancheng" is the development concept of Yuming Vocational Education New City.

Nowadays, there are more than 150,000 people in the jurisdiction. It has 18 large-primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and all kinds of large-scale activities are frequent. The residential community and real estate projects are numerous, and many highways in the surrounding highways are vertically horizontally, and the flow of people flow is high. In February this year, the Wenyuan Community was established as the first urban community in the new city of Yuming Vocational Education. After the establishment of the community, he actively promoted the establishment of a residential college party organization, "Double News", "Red Property", Social Organization, Volunteer Organization and the majority of party members and masses participate in the "mass" model ", explore New Mode of Ming Teguing New City Social Governance.

In the past six months, "four-point class" "Weekend interest class" is widely praised by parents and students in the jurisdiction; 12 colleges and universities have realized the internal control of campus, there is a video in the school, and there is no blind spot in the school. " The case treatment is effective; 88 hotels around, 8 Internet cafes rectified to rectify, the hotel, Internet cafes are safe and orderly, standardized operation. Leading Show Knowledge City, Yujing New City, Management Committee public rental residential installation facial face recognition system, built "smart security community", comprehensive improvement of civil air defense, material defense, technical defense level; through "according to single dish", establish provincial education The hall, in the college, Yuming County, vocational education new city interoperability exchange, joint disposal communication mechanism.

"We have to condense all resources into the ‘one rope" of community governance, providing a harmonious and stable social environment for the construction of the new city economy, culture, and ecological civilization.

Li Yunxia, ??the secretary of the party branch of Wenyuan Community, said. "" Take the Media ", a total of Kunming, a gardening company, is located in the provincial floral demonstration park, and his parent company is one of Asia’s largest flower producer. In Yuming County During the new round of "two new" organizations, the party committee of the park is known that the company has many "invisible party members". After repeated publicity with the investor, the "two new" organization party work committees in Yuming County Serious preparation, eventually contributed to the first foreign-funded party branch of the county to set up, let the party members in foreign companies have found "home". "I found an interesting phenomenon, our company’s excellent staff is not necessarily a member of the Communist Party, but the Communist Party members It must be an excellent employee. "The person in charge of the foreign party of Kunming, said that the party members have created a positive atmosphere for the enterprise.

In the face of more than 30 well-known floral enterprises at home and abroad, the party committee of the park is actively integrated into enterprise development. It will understand the party construction and familiar business middle cadres to the non-public enterprises to serve as party building instruments, regularly visit, and do a good job in enterprises. , Communication and coordination of services such as electricity, land, and employment. "Building the party organization in the industry chain, putting party members can gather in the industry chain, let farmers are rich in the industrial chain" becoming the work ideas of the park.

"We want ‘to use flowers to media, service good flowers in the park, drive the surrounding people to get rich." The college party committee of the park and the nearby village party organized "Make friends", with the land stock, Baoshui dividend, etc. In a variety of forms of modern agricultural industrial chain, adopting "wage + land rent" innovation and promoting farming models, develop collective economic industries, and putting party members and people into entrepreneurial contracts, driving more than 7,000 employment. Liansheng, there must be its root.

The party construction is not owned by all the fields. In Yuming, 55 foreign companies in the county, the party organization coverage rate is nearly 30%. From "Touching the River" to "grabbing the party like research and development", enterprises and employees have become the fate and career community, which is the glory of the company, and the vivid manifestation of party building work. (Xia Hong) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.