Xingtai, Hebei: Positive and orderly launching national forest city creation activities

Xingtai, Hebei: Positive and orderly launching national forest city creation activities

In recent years, Xingtai City has increased the coverage rate of forests in Xingtai. In 2020, Xingtai City and Renze District, Nanhe District and Linxi County successfully created the forest city of Hebei Province. On April 13-14 this year, the province’s national forest city creation and spring afforestation site promotion will be held in Xingtai, and Xingtai City has made a typical statement. According to Yao Xianfa, the fourth level of the Xingtai Forestry Bureau, this year, Xingtai City has been transferred from the Pingyuan District to the shallow mountain hilly area, complete the shallow mountain hilly area ecological forest forest 10,000 mu; Emoveed, complete the village green and afforestation, new farmland network to benefit the forest million mu, update the transformation of corridor greening 10,000 mu; scale chemical forest to expose the ground, abandoned land, etc. Dust pollution, improve the quality of the atmosphere; simply green landscaping to create a green enrichment industry, the city’s new development of kuju, gold and silver flowers, grapes, pears and other special economic forests, consolidate the mass income basis.

In addition, Xingtai City actively carried out various forms of Chuangson theme publicity activities, and raising the conscious awareness of all people participating in the creation of national forest cities. Since this year, Chuangson theme essay, photography, calligraphy contest, speech contest, etc., carry out evaluation activities such as forest units, forest towns, forest villages, forest people.

At present, 37 villages in Xingtai have won the title of national forest village, and 100 villages have won the title of provincial forest village.

The city Chuangsan Office has selected 50 forest units, 50 forest communities, 30 forest towns, 30 forest people, 100 forest villages, providing strong support for the creation of national forest cities, and creates the active participation in forest city. A strong atmosphere created. Zhen Ning, the Xingtai Forestry Bureau Ecological Restoration, Guo Ning said: "Next, we will focus on three work, including supervising the county and urban areas and relevant departments in accordance with the 36 indicators of Chuangson, and further check the miss. Refinement initiatives to ensure high standards of various indicators to meet the requirements; further improve the various types of science education fields, through a variety of forms, comprehensive settlement of Chuason’s climax, improve the Work Social Work Society; Putting and Communication with the National Forest Herb Office In the event of the third party to prepare the "Self-examination Report" and "Planning Completion Report", please report relevant information as required, and strive to complete the national forest city creation task on time.

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