Xiamen: prescription drugs, antipyretic and cough drugs must not online sales

Xiamen: prescription drugs, antipyretic and cough drugs must not online sales

Original title: prescription drug, antipyretics .

As of May 31, a total of 1399,083 cases were reported, including 4,463 cases in medium and high risk areas; 8 cases have 8 cases of overseas travel history.

  Since January 23, 2020, the Xiamen Market Supervision Bureau requested pharmacy to collect, registered, reported to purchase the treatment of fever, cough drugs, including name, address, contact information, symptom, whether to go to the overturget area and or Epidemic sector personnel have close contact. The relevant data is summarized to the health sector throughout the day to further investigate suspicious information and monitor key objects. Unless the city medical insurance bureau, further standardize the information registration report system for the purchase of antipyretic and cough drugs during the prevention and control.

At the same time, the pharmacy is required to carry out the store customer temperature test and mask wear reminders, and the management site is disinfected and cleaned, and "early discovery, early report, early isolation, early treatment". In order to further improve the coordination of the purchase of medicine, the drug store staff registration is reported in efficiency and data push, the Xiamen Market Supervision Administration is actively docked with the municipal health department, the online WeChat end purchase drug registration applet, and set up new crown prevention and control in Xiamen City Public service platform, drug staff scan the QR code through WeChat and fills the relevant information under the pharmacy staff, will be automatically automatically transferred after submitting the relevant data to the city’s epidemic monitoring and traceability, and pushed by the platform to related towns , Weijian, medical insurance and other departments. It has shorted nearly half of the registration time compared to traditional paper registration, realizing real-time push of registration information, helping to more quickly and accurately, lock the focus on crowd. In order to prevent the public from purchasing antipyretic and cough drugs through the Internet, the Xiamen Market Supervision Bureau will talk about 3 major take-out network platforms, emphasize that prescription drugs and antipyretic and cough drugs must not be sold through the network. 3 platforms and 5272 drug information, involving more than 700 online stores.

Relying on the Xiamen City Network Supervision Platform, regularly carry out the keyword orientation search of network sales drugs, and finds the suspicious clue to verify the investigation, and investigate 45 suspected clues of network sales drugs. (Reporter Lin Shao Rong correspondent Chen Ying) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou).