Xu Qin: From the history of the 100-year party, the intelligence force is remembered in the future.

Xu Qin: From the history of the 100-year party, the intelligence force is remembered in the future.

Xu Qin came to the Historical Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, the study of the party’s history, remembering the revolutionary ancestors, and realized the "four spirits" of Longjiang.

The Historical Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China and the Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall shine in the hot sun in autumn, and it is very solemn. The two exhibition halls showed the rich historical cultural relics and the informative literature and history information, and the party leads the Heilongjiang people to conduct revolution, construction, reform and opening up, and is independent of the nation, and the people’s liberation of the touching deeds.

Xu Qin carefully listened to explanations, stopped from time to time, inquiry about the situation.

In the Historical Memorial History of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong ‘s "Don’t Detatructed bureaucracy", "learning" "Struggle" "development production", "learning Marlism", five means of "learning Marchaism". Xu Qin has a feeling of touching, we must always remember the teachings of Chairman Mao, diligent in learning, struggle, and struggle to make good traditions. Seeing the ironman Wang Jinxi "three old four strict" on the wall of the pavilion and "the north wind as a fan, the snow is a fried noodle …" and so on, Xu Qin is eager to read, he said that today we are to carry forward this spirit. Promoting Longjiang Revitalization Development, it is to "dry! Dry! Dry!" In the first floor of the Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall, General Secretary Xi Jinping dedicated the famous hero sculpture of the flower basket. Xu Qin is full of feelings, full of feelings, under the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, we have the foundation, there is a bottom gas, and the ability to build Heilongjiang is more beautiful, realize comprehensive revitalization, and live Care and expectations of Heilongjiang.

In Zhao Yiman’s martyrs deeds, Chen District, Xu Qin was in full, he said, he said, he said, more feeling, under the abnormal difficult conditions of the past, the revolutionary martyrs throws the blood, exchanged our happy life today, We have no reason not to struggle hard, attack hard, and put it forward, put the things in Heilongjiang, to comfort the revolutionary martyrs.

During the visit, Xu Qin emphasized that Heilongjiang is an earlier place in Northeast China. Under the leadership of the party, it has made important achievements in the leadership of the party, construction and reform and opening up. Entering the new era, set foot on the new journey, we must continue to learn the history, understanding of the ideology, do practical things, and open a new bureau, promote the party history and education, and transform the power of the party history education. The actual actual action, take a new era of long march road. It is necessary to boost the spirit, firm confidence, attack hard, pioneering and enterprising, with the power of Longjiang "four spirits", and promote the full revitalization of all-round revitalization, and then create a new glory in Longjiang.

To put the people at the highest position in your heart, use the benefit of the people as a struggle, keep in mind the initial mission, improve the people’s livelihood, and continuously improve the sense of happiness of the people.