The Nineteenth Strait Youth Forum Side: Youth Dream is not lost

The Nineteenth Strait Youth Forum Side: Youth Dream is not lost

  - On the 10th of the Nineteenth Strait Youth Forum, the Nineteenth Strait Youth Forum of "Youth Symphony Candus Rejuvenation" was held in Xiamen.

Expert scholars from both sides of the strait, the person in charge of the Youth Association and the young representatives of nearly 300 participants participated in this event.

On the forum, the Taiwan youth representatives tell the story of their dreams in the mainland.

They come across the sea, not only find a new business stage, but also witnessed the fruitful results of both sides of the branches … "There is difficult to find us", "is difficult to find us.

"This is the opening of Taiqing Shi and Li Jing’s self-introduction. Enter the "Taiwan Lu Tong".

"’Taitong’ is a smart phone application platform that is required to build a compatriots around the Taiwan compatriots.

"Shi Wei said that since the employment last year, she helped many Taiwanese Taiqing through the" Taishang "app, but also established a service brand" having difficulties to find a small ".

  At the same time as life is convenient for a few, Shi Wei has also harvested full of accomplishment.

On March 29 this year, the "Taishang" platform has opened a reservation channel on the new crown vaccine line of the Taiwan vaccination, and the opening of this passage is from the suggestion of Shi Wei. "The opening of the special channel, let them feel very warm!" Shi Wei said that from the appointment to the hospital vaccination, she will accompany the colleagues of "Tai Lu", "there is a few hundred The bit Taiwan has completed two-needle vaccination, and the third needle will be arranged in the near future. " Another "90-after" Taiqing Li Jing machine is the office member of the Fuzhou Citizen Service Center. "This is a green channel that is specially opened. The Taiwan cycle can only handle medical insurance, social security, provident fund, renewal and other related business." Li Jing said. In the process of serving the Taiwan, it is greatly convenient for the application conditions, responsible units, contact calls and processes, etc. per benefit. Related Business.

  Use technology to light the future "Do you know how many people have to pay behind a mobile phone screen? We are people who light your life.

"Wearing the same plaid shirt, Chen Tingan from Taiwan is shining with Li Yuanxing from Fujian Putian. Chen Tingan and Li Yuanxing are members of Huading Technology Company R & D team, and the other party is" the brothers sleeping in the upper floor ".

"I am responsible for the design link of the product, he is responsible for the process of the product. I can’t drive him, because there is no, my design concept cannot be present.

"Chen Ting’an is said. In 2019, Chen Ting’an entered the Ji Ying Technology, I met a group of" interesting souls "from the four seas in the five lakes.

"There is an excellent technical team of two-stranded young people than 30 years old. They are lively and interesting. They often burst into the idea of ??Tiangao, bringing me a lot of inspiration.

Chen Tingan said.

  In the eyes of Li Yuan, Chen Tingan and him although the growth environment has different low-key, rigorous qualities. "In the face of the soil of scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological practitioners should resist loneliness and top the pressure.

"Chen Tingan and Li Yuanxing believe that each of the two sides of the Taiwan youth has advantages, the young people in Taiwan have strong creative strength, the mainland youth implementation is strong, and each other can create more quality products, open up a broader market prospect.

  "Work together, go to get off work together", this is a bit boring life in the outsider, which is a full life of Chen Tingan and Li Yuanxing.

In their most extreme romantic is to let more people see their products, use technology to lit up people’s lives.

  Here, the happiness here is from Zhang Wei, who came from Taiwan, came to Chen Wen from Changhua, caught everyone’s attention.

They also graduated from the Beijing Sports University, and they also engaged in the exchange of sports culture in both sides, known as "high-quality, high-quality, high happiness" combination. Zhang Wei’s father is a handball coach at Munjia, Taiwan. When he was a child, he often followed his father to the mainland exchange activities. In 2017, in order to improve himself, he chose to Beijing Sport University to study doctorate.

Thanks to the policy introduced by Taiwan’s full-time teachers in Fujian Province. In January this year, he officially entered the Communications Normal University and became a sports teacher. During this year, During the Strait Youth Festival, Zhang Qirui used his professional specialties and the island resources to assist in the two-strait Handball Communications and online forum.

"The implementation of the treatment of the treatment of the Taiwan community, let me have no worries in life, happiness is increasing.

"Of course, the most fascinating is that he has built a warm little family in Fujian." I am with my wife, we know through sports.

Sports can be divided into people with people’s minds, I will do more things to do for branches of sports.

"The same happiness is full, and Chen Wencheng, who is teaching at Beijing Sport University, introduces Taiwan’s skyscrapers to the school, established the Beijing Sports University Football Society. At the same time, while the career does it, He also harvested love.

"I have known myself in the mainland. Now I have a crystallization of love." In Chen Wencheng, the two sides of the marriage family is one of the beautiful achievements of cross-strait integration. "I hope that the footsteps of the branches of the strait will be a little faster, let Let’s go home. "

  "I still have the teenager, there is no wire change, time is just a test, the kind of belief is unconsciously reduced …" In the end of the forum, the two sides of the sate of young people sang a "teenager", and push the atmosphere of the scene to the climax . The two sides of the sate of young people will never stop on the road.

  Reporter Wu Hong.